Court upholds aggravated assault sentence for hunter

In a case arising out of Lamoille County, the court upheld the aggravated assault conviction of Eric Patch Junior, who was out partridge hunting in November of 2006 when he saw movement in a tree, fired his 12-gauge shotgun and hit a deer hunter.

Hunters boost local businesses

Rifle hunters are staging their gear this week, getting ready for Saturday’s opening day of deer season.   While the overall number of hunters has declined in the past decade, their economic impact remains strong.

Vermont’s Gun Culture

Vermont has the least restrictive gun laws in the nation. In the wake of the recent Supreme Court decision striking down a ban on handguns in our nation’s capital, we look at why Vermont’s gun laws are different, and why gun rights aren’t always a partisan issue.


Hunting season is not just a Vermont tradition. According to commentator Deborah Luskin, hunting is a primal force of nature.

Farmer fights state on

A Northeast Kingdom farmer is fighting a state rule that he says unfairly restricts his business of raising elk and deer. But part of his business involves charging people a fee to shoot the animals. And the state is opposed to these kinds of “captive hunting” operations.