Rubin Carter’s Hurricane

Bob Dylan’s song "Hurricane" made Rubin Carter an American legend.  On this week’s Saturday Special, hear the true story of the prize fighter who was falsely convicted of murder in Carter’s own words.

Proverbial Wisdom & Family Health Care

Visit Milton Elementary School where teachers use proverbs to teach 4th graders values. And in a time when health care is unaffordable, learn how providers can accept minimal fees and even barter services. Wisdom and Proverbs and Bartering for Family Health Care

Clearing Your Desk And Your Mind

The relentless assault of modern communication has left many people utterly overwhelmed.  On this special broadcast of Humankind, David Allen, author of "Getting Things Done" discusses how to find clarity and focus in today’s world.

Personal Stories of Philanthropy

Learn how a women’s giving circle in Boston hopes to promote social justice by supporting after school programs.  And Pillsbury Heiress Tracey Gary explains why she gave away most of her fortune in her 20s.  She calls chairity ‘the new American dream’