Dairy Farmer Says Industry Must Change

Vermont lost 52 dairy farms last year. Farmers were struggling with low milk prices long before this economic downturn. But they’re also affected by the economy around them. VPR’s Mitch Wertlieb speaks iwth Onan Whitcomb of the North Williston Cattle Company.

Northeast Kingdom Continues To Struggle

In Vermont’s cash-strapped Northeast Kingdom, many workers often hold down two or three jobs. Last year many were laid-off. Now, people in the Kingdom are starting to find work again, but many are making less money, doing jobs for which they are overqualified.

Vermont’s Building Industry Is Still In A Slump

All this week, we’ll hear how people have been faring lately. We begin with a look at the building industry – an area that’s been one of the hardest hit by the downturn. Many carpenters, contractors and lumberyards continue to struggle, and their future is filled with uncertainty.