Legacy of the 1927 Flood

Eighty years ago this weekend, floodwaters ravaged Vermont and left a deep legacy. We hear the memories of people who lived through the flood, and talk with historians about how that disaster changed the state.

Interview: Viking history comes to light in book by Vermont author Nancy Marie Brown

500 years before Christopher Columbus, a Viking woman landed in the New World, where she twice tried to establish a colony. This chapter in Viking history comes to light in a new book by Vermont author Nancy Marie Brown. "The Far Traveler" tells the story of Gudrid, an Icelandic woman whose travels took her to Greenland, Rome and North America. Until recently, Gudrid’s adventures have been the subject of myth and legend, only briefly mentioned in the Viking sagas. In "The Far Traveler", Brown draws on her research in science, history and archeology to present an illuminating account of Gudrid’s travels, and Viking life in the year 1000.

Vermont Women

VPR offers a special series featuring the voices and stories of a cross-section of Vermont women about the lasting contributions women have made to our life and culture here in Vermont.