Superdelegate Gosh will support Obama

The only Vermont Democratic super delegate supporting presidential candidate Hillary Clinton says it’s clear that Barack Obama has won the party’s nomination. And Brookfield resident Billi Gosh says she’ll shift her support to Obama just as soon as Clinton concedes the race.

Clinton’s Vermont superdelegate says she’ll likely drop out this week

The only Vermont super delegate supporting Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton says she expects that Clinton will drop out of the race this week – if Senator Barack Obama wins the South Dakota primary on Tuesday. Democratic National Committee woman Billi Gosh says, if that happens, she’ll enthusiastically support Obama as the party’s nominee. VPR’s Bob Kinzel reports

Vermont Democrats say party should unite behind Obama soon

Vermont members of the Democratic National Committee say it’s now pretty clear that Illinois Senator Barack Obama is going to be their party’s presidential nominee. They hope the campaign between Obama and Senator Hillary Clinton can end on a positive note. They want Democrats to unite for the fall campaign against Republican nominee John McCain.

Leahy says Clinton should drop out of race

Will a protracted battle between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination hurt the Party’s chances of winning the November election? Senator Patrick Leahy, who supports Obama, says the answer is yes, and he thinks Clinton should drop out of the race. But Clinton’s supporters in Vermont have a very different opinion. VPR’s Bob Kinzel reports.

Clinton supporters say support for war hurt candidate

     It was a disappointing night for the supporters of Senator Clinton, who were hoping for a much closer outcome. A small group of campaign workers slowly filtered into Sweetwaters restaurant in downtown Burlington. The evening was essentially over before it started when the national networks called the race for Senator Obama one minute after the polls had closed here.

Chelsea Clinton campaigns in Vermont today

Chelsea Clinton’s coming to Vermont today to hit the campaign trail for her mother, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. The former first daughter will be on Church Street at 9:15.