High School Dropout Rate Varies In VT

VPR’s Jane Lindholm talks with the principal of Lake Region Hunion High School and the deputy commissioner at the Vermotn Department of Education about Vermont’s high School graduation rate and the effort to bring it to 100%.

Improving Vermont’s High School Graduation Rate

We talk about the wide disparity in dropout rates among Vermont high schools and what’s being done to address it.  Also, a look at this summer’s highway construction season and why the state’s transportation budget is at a record high. And a visit to the Statehouse vegetable garden.  

Fish Hatcheries

We look into how more than 1.5 million trout, salmon, and walleye make their way into Vermont waters from state-run fish hatcheries.  Also, we talk with a pianist who began playing after being struck by lightning, and we visit a high school where students prove they’re ready to graduate.