Expert: Lyme Disease Just One Part Of Tick-Borne Epidemic

Patients living with Lyme disease crowded the Statehouse on Wednesday to tell their stories about years of misdiagnosis and chronic pain. The patients and their advocates want legislation to protect doctors if they prescribe long-term antibiotic treatment contrary to current medical standards.

Alzheimer’s in the Family

If you knew you were going to get Alzheimer’s disease, how would you live your life differently? What would you want your family and loved ones to do when you no longer remembered them? We’ll talk with Nancy Bercaw, author of a new memoir about dealing with Alzheimer’s in the family.

Vermont Releases Insurance Rates Under Obamacare

Vermont became the first state on Monday to publish the rates it would charge people who don’t currently have health insurance to get coverage – a key step toward establishing the health exchanges that are central to the federal health care law known as Obamacare. Health officials said Monday the rates are comparable to current commercial rates.

Herbal Medicine

Dandelion for indigestion? Lemon Balm for stress? Mushrooms for hay fever? Plants have been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. We’ll explore some of the benefits and drawbacks of herbal medicine with Guido Masé, author of the new book The Wild Medicine Solution.