Two cows from Charlotte farm die of rabies

Vermont Health and agriculture officials are urging anyone who consumed unpasteurized milk from a cow on a Charlotte farm that died of rabies earlier this week to consult with a health care professional.

State cuts HPV vaccinations over cost

The state of Vermont is no longer subsidizing human papillomavirus vaccinations for women over 19 because the latest round of budget cuts eliminated some of the funding.

Health Department reports error in asbestos study

The state Health Department says it made an error in a recent report that pointed to higher cancer rates in towns surrounding an old asbestos mine in northern Vermont. But it says the study still shows higher rates of another asbestos-related disease.

Committee objects to rules on nuke radiation

A committee of the Vermont Legislature is formally objecting to changes in rules by the Health Department that allow the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant to release more radiation into the environment.