Guildhall Considers Expanding Its School Board

Voters in Guildhall are weighing a Town Meeting Day ballot item that would expand their School Board from three to five members. At issue is whether the size of the board makes a difference in education policy in the small Essex County town.

Small Counties Fight Changes To Judicial System

For two years now, a commission created by the Vermont Legislature has been looking for ways to deliver judicial services more efficiently and affordably across the state. In Vermont’s two smallest counties, the commission proposes cutting staff and moving most judicial hearings to larger, neighboring counties. 

Guildhall Rejects Library Funding Measure

Guildhall’s welcome sign proclaims it  "the only town in the world so-named."  Visitors passing through this hamlet slow down to admire the marigold yellow library, a fine example of neo-Georgian architecture. But the library is rarely open, and won’t open its financial books, and that made it a hot button issue at last night’s town meeting.