The Science Of Groundwater

We delve into the science of groundwater:  How it collects, how it moves beneath the ground and how it’s drained and replenished.  Also a profile of Lieutenant Laura Cook of Castleton, who’s serving in the Vermont Guard in Afghanistan.

Midday Newscast June 10, 2008

The statewide average price for gas exceeded $4 a gallon for the first time this morning; Vermont has a new law designed to monitor the use of large quantities of groundwater; more…

Groundwater protection bill goes to governor

It’s up to Governor Jim Douglas now whether to sign into law a bill that would designate Vermont’s underground aquifers a public trust like its lakes and rivers and require a state permit for large withdrawals of groundwater.

Lawmakers move toward adjournment in Montpelier

Vermont lawmakers shift into high gear this week, hoping to act on a number of items in time to adjourn their 2007-2008 session Friday or Saturday. Still awaiting their attention is a $214 million economic stimulus package proposed by Governor Jim Douglas.