Rochester Family Signs Agreement With FEMA

It’s been more than 18 months since Tropical Storm Irene.  For most Vermonters, including many who experienced it firsthand, the storm is no longer a part of their lives and daily conversations. But for those who lost houses, Irene is still very present. 

Rochester Family Still Waiting For Word From FEMA

In the months since Tropical Storm Irene hit last August, we’ve been checking in periodically with Jon Graham and Beth Frock of Rochester. The couple and their two daughters’ home was destroyed in the flooding. They lost nearly everything, and Jon, who was in the house when it collapsed, was lucky to get out alive.

Rochester Family Prepares For Post-Irene Holidays

For Vermonters hardest hit by Tropical Storm Irene, the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday comes with mixed emotions. Jon Graham and Beth Frock of Rochester certainly have much to be thankful for, especially since Jon escaped uninjured when his house collapsed around him on August 28th.