Senate, House Prepare for Override Vote

Governor Douglas vetoed the same sex marriage bill last night, setting the stage for override votes in the Senate and the House this morning. A Senate override is expected, but the House outcome is less certain.  You can listen to the debate and the vote live online. 

Symington says Douglas ad off base

In the campaign season, advertisements are often the source of controversy. Campaigns debate who said what, when and what the statements actually mean. One example of that has come up in the Vermont gubernatorial campaign. The ad in question has to do with Vermont’s workforce. VPR’s John Dillon reports.

Douglas ahead in first statewide poll

The first statewide poll for the governor’s race has been released.  It shows incumbent Republican Governor Jim Douglas with a roughly 15 point lead over Democratic candidate Gaye Symington.  Independent candidate Anthony Pollina ran a distant third in the poll.

Early voting influences campaign strategy

More than 20,000 people have registered to vote in Vermont this year. And many of these new voters are expected to participate in the state’s early voting system. VPR’s Bob Kinzel takes a look at how the early voting process could influence media strategies in Vermont campaigns this fall.