School Funding: the History of Act 60

Twelve years ago next week, the Vermont Supreme Court handed down the Brigham decision, marking a major shift in the way that Vermont pays for public schools. This week Vermont Edition looks at the state’s education funding law, Act 60: a method of ensuring that school opportunities are equal across the state, regardless of a town’s wealth.

State, Manchester swap road for money

The town of Manchester and the state of Vermont are hoping a first of its kind highway-for-cash swap will save the state money and let the town fulfill a goal town officials have had for 30 years.

Fish and Wildlife Commissioner says doesn’t need increased funding

The commissioner of the Department Fish and Wildlife says a recent increase in hunting bodes well for the finances of the department. Wayne LaRouche says hunting and fishing licenses increased slightly last year.  The fees paid for those licenses make up about 37 percent of the department’s budget. 

Funding the Department of Fish and Wildlife

The Department of Fish and Wildlife is funded primarily by the license fees paid for hunting and fishing. But those activities are declining, a situation that calls into question how the department is funded. We talk with former Fish and Wildlife commissioner Steve Wright and Ed Gallo of the Vermont Hunters Anglers and Trappers Association. Also, how snarls of traffic are affecting the Upper Valley, and essayist Tim Johnson commiserates with fellow flu sufferers.