Collecting Oral Histories

NPR’s popular StoryCorps project inspired people to talk with relatives, friends and neighbors about their lives. We’ll talk about the art – and the value – of gathering and preserving these stories. Also a look at businesses thriving during the recession – and an appreciation of the fruitcake.

‘Tis the season to be… shopping?

December can be a make or break month in the retail calendar. But the stress of shopping can leave some of us questioning the point of all that standing in line and spending. We examine the economics and culture of consumers in the holiday season with Geri Anne Higgans, marketing director at the University Mall in South Burlington, and Hardwick writer Judith Levine, author of "Not Buying It: My Year Without Shopping." Also in the program, Skip Vallee tells us what it was like to serve as the US ambassador to Slovakia. And we pay homage to a food that (for some) is synonymous with the Christmas season: fruitcake.