Input Sought On Use Of Public Lands

Vermont residents will get a chance to weigh in on a new proposed rule to regulate public activities on land owned by the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department.

The Promised Land: Voices from the Gulf Coast

This week on The Promised Land, Majora Carter visits New Orleans East, the most dense ethnically Vietnamese population outside of Vietnam. In the Gulf region, about 80 percent of Vietnamese Americans were connected to the fishing industry, and the BP oil spill hit the community hard.

Fish Hatcheries

We look into how more than 1.5 million trout, salmon, and walleye make their way into Vermont waters from state-run fish hatcheries.  Also, we talk with a pianist who began playing after being struck by lightning, and we visit a high school where students prove they’re ready to graduate.

Preview of Town Meeting Day and the Vermont Primary

Town Meeting is just three weeks away, and we talk with with Secretary of State Deb Markowitz about the local balloting and the Vermont primary. Also, New York’s north country may be seeing an infusion of economic development aid, and we check in with people ice fishing on Lake Champlain.