State Closes Down Credit Union In Derby Line

The state has closed down the Border Lodge Credit union in Derby Line. The Vermont Department of Financial Regulation says the action comes after examiners raised serious concerns about the credit union’s operation.  

Financial aid and paying for college

As financial aid decisions are on the horizon for many families, we talk with the head of VSAC about paying for college, and how Vermont’s key student assistance organization is fairing in the financial markets. Also, how Calvin Coolidge capaigned (or didn’t) for the presidency, and a food hub may help keep growing food manufacturers local.

Midday Newscast: December 11, 2008

Governor Jim Douglas is before a congressional committee at this hour to make a pitch for financial help for the states; before he left for Washington, Gov. Douglas weighed in on the future of the Vermont Yankee power plant;

Midday Newscast: December 1, 2008

Here are the top stories at 12:10pm Gov. Jim Douglas is in Washington today asking Congress to help the states deal with their financial problems; St. Johnsbury is among the Vermont towns that would like to take advantage of an economic stimulus package;

About that retirement plan….

In this program: Experts have warned for years that Americans aren’t saving enough for retirement, but the unfolding financial crisis gives new urgency to that warning. Also, a 19th century Vermont painter’s images of Montpelier. And, a lesson in stacking firewood.

Midday Newscast: October 2, 2008

Vermont’s economy is the top issue for the political parties as this year’s election approaches; officials keep close watch on state’s cash flow since financial crisis hits some Vermont colleges; more…