And They’re Off!

Our political round table looks at how the races have shaped up after the filing deadline, with a particular focus on the candidates for governor, attorney general, auditor, and treasurer.

Midday Newscast: march 27, 2008

Senior citizens who haven’t had to file a tax return for years will get reacquainted with the IRS this year; one of the most persistent critics of the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant is retiring; the Vermont Milk Co. launched a year and a half ago hoping to put more money into farmers’ pockets; more…

Tax advice to meet the April 15 deadline

The deadline for filing taxes looms large on the calendar. On the next Vermont Edition, we get advice from the pros. Also on the program, a court decision reaffirms the rules about who’s responsible for libelous information posted to blogs and other web sites. And a few teens get the thrill of meeting their snowboarding heroes at the U.S. Open at Stratton.