Community Supported Agriculture gains in popularity

The number of CSAs in Vermont has more than doubled in the past decade.  We talkwith farmers Pete Johnson and Scout Proft about why they’re so popular, and how they fit into a model of sustainable agriculture.  Also, a covered bridge in Newfane is up for sale, and we check in on loosening travel restrictions to Cuba.

Morning Newscast: May 14, 2008

Here are the top stories at 7:30 a.m.:  Vermont has seen an increase of 172 home foreclosures in Vermont over this time last year. That’s prompting state officials are urging people facing foreclosure to seek help before it becomes a crisis. A Quebec company wants to expand a large-scale Franklin County egg farm that in the past has drawn complaints from neighbors. A House panel is probing the Election Day 2002 phone-jamming plot by GOP operatives against New Hampshire Democrats.

Checking in on Vermont’s Dairy industry

We take a look at how Vermont’s dairy farms are faring in today’s economy. Also, we talk with David Goodman about his new book, cowritten with his sister, radio host Amy Goodman. And a remembrance of Ernest Stires, a much-loved musician who died last week.