Researchers Track Golden Eagle’s Path

Scientists released a Golden eagle in Connecticut about a month ago outfitted with a GPS tracking device. Researchers say by following the journey of birds like this they can make predictions about where to build wind turbines that are not on migration routes. Today we have an update on the eagle’s path since it left the state.

Golden Eagles Still Rare In Northeast

It’s not that unusual to see bald eagles in parts of the Northeast, but golden eagles are rare here. In all there are only one to two thousand in eastern North America. As part of a collaboration of Northeast public radio stations, WNPR’s Nancy Cohen reports from a windswept hilltop in Connecticut where a rescued Golden eagle was released into the wild.

Three States Consider Leaving Carbon Trade System

The nation’s first carbon trade system, which started in the Northeast may be in trouble. The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, or RGGI, is designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 10-percent by 2018. But now, three of the 10 states in the initiative are considering withdrawing, in part because of the cost to electric ratepayers.

NH Activists Fight Power Line

In northern New Hampshire, local activists are fighting a power line that would send the electricity south. And questions are being raised about whether big hydro is really green.

Winter Farmers Markets Expand In Northeast

Farmers markets have seen huge growth in the past three decades. They give consumers access to local food, sometimes at a lower price. And farmers can sell without a middleman getting a cut.  Now, some markets run through the entire winter. The number of winter-long markets have doubled, tripled… even quadrupled in some states.

Cities Looking For Places To Dump Snow

The extreme snowfall has pitted disposing snow against protecting the water. Many cities in the Northeast have run out of space to put the snow and are asking for permission to dump it in waterways.

NY Stalls On Hydro-Fracking

One of the world’s largest reserves of natural gas –enough to supply the entire U.S. for more than two years– lies buried deep below southern New York and nearby states in an area known as the Marcellus Shale. But the method used to extract it, called hydro-fracking, is sparking a contentious debate.

VT Tree Farmers Head To NYC

December is typically a good time for business. And one of the best places to sell things is New York City. That’s why every year a number of hardy tree farmers make the long trip south and stay for several weeks — to sell Christmas trees.