EPA Asks For Public Input On Cleanup Of Superfund Site

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says it wants to hear from Vermonters about plans to improve the cleanup of a Superfund site in Burlington. The agency wants input on recommended changes to an underwater cap built around the Pine Street Canal site to stem contamination from reaching Lake Champlain.

Long Island Sound Clean-up Reaches Into Vermont

Too much nitrogen in the waters of the Long Island Sound has led to "dead zones" where fish and shellfish can’t survive. Now the federal agency is asking sewage treatment plants nearly 200 miles away in Vermont to help reduce pollutants that are hurting the sound.

EPA Objects To Vermont Sewage Treatment Permits

The federal Environmental Protection Agency has taken the rare step of reaching across state lines into Vermont in order to protect Long Island Sound – hundreds of miles downstream. The EPA has formally objected to permits proposed for two Vermont sewage treatment plants. The agency says the Vermont plants would let too much pollution flow down the Connecticut River to the Sound.