Loan Program Targets Energy Efficiency, Renewables

The Shumlin Administration and legislative leaders have proposed a new public-private loan program to boost energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. The Clean Energy Loan Fund would consolidate existing state energy loan programs and increase private capital directed toward energy projects.

Energy Efficient Design

It can cost a lot of money to heat your house in the winter time. There are a few super energy efficient homes being built in Vermont right now that are so efficient they don’t have to spend any money at all on heating.We’ll learn all about the latest trends in energy efficient construction and how they can be used in Vermont.

Report Says Vt. Could Save On Heating

Vermont has been a leader in electrical efficiency for more than a decade. Now a new report says it should turn its attention in a big way to improving how it heats its buildings.

Welch Announces Energy Efficiency Priorities

Congressman Peter Welch says providing rebates to homeowners who retrofit their homes is one of the energy efficiency priorities he will pursue in Congress as a member of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.