NH Draws Candidates, Despite Small Number Of Electoral Votes

It’s easy for the typical Granite Stater to forget how small New Hampshire is, especially during a presidential election year. Every four years, the state’s political importance gets inflated by the proudly-touted First-in-the-Nation Presidential Primary.

Town Clerks Wary Of Same Night Election Reporting

Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos isn’t satisfied with the speed of reporting the state’s election results, and last week said he wants city and town clerks to make voting results available to his office on election nights. The Vermont Municipal Clerks’ and Treasurers’ Association says it would like to have heard from the Secretary of State prior to his statements.

Gubernatorial Candidates Clash Over Debate Schedule

Republican gubernatorial candidate Randy Brock says he’s very disappointed that Governor Peter Shumlin will agree to only five debates during their fall campaign. Shumlin says he’s too busy being governor to participate in any additional debates and he argues that five issue-oriented debates will give voters a clear picture about the priorities of each candidate.