Progressive Prevails In Recount

A Progressive Party lawmaker will return to the Vermont House after a judge rejected a challenge to a recount that showed her winning.

Sanders Reaffirms Political Priorities

Senator Bernie Sanders discusses the election results and how they might affect what he wants to accomplish in the Senate over the next two years. And we talk to journalist Anne Galloway about a superior court ruling that Hartford police must release documents regarding an incident in which they pulled an African-American man from his own home, believing he was a burglar.

Governor’s Race Goes To Legislature

The official results from last week’s election have been released and no candidate received more than 50 percent of the vote, and by state law the legislature must now make the final decision by secret ballot in January.   

Unusually High Number Of House Seats Headed For Recounts

Vermont Democrats retained their super-majority in the legislature in last week’s elections. But an unusually high number of House seats appear to be headed for a recount. Party leaders say the close races should be a wake-up call to lawmakers to listen carefully to their constituents.