Funding Our Schools

We talk to Martha Allen, the newly elected president of the VT-NEA, about the teachers’ perspective on school funding and budget cuts. Also, Vermont Law School delegates in Copenhagen report back on the climate change conference. And, how to make igloos.

VT Edition: Changing Funding For Schools

VPr’s Jane Lindholm talks with Vermont’s Education and Finance Commissioners about their ideas for changing school funding, in light of a declining state budget. 

School Budgets

We hear from Education Commissioner Armando Vilaseca and Finance Commissioner James Reardon about their school budget cutting suggestions, and how they would change the school funding system.  Also, a new report looks at how charities fundraise.

School Funding: the History of Act 60

Twelve years ago next week, the Vermont Supreme Court handed down the Brigham decision, marking a major shift in the way that Vermont pays for public schools. This week Vermont Edition looks at the state’s education funding law, Act 60: a method of ensuring that school opportunities are equal across the state, regardless of a town’s wealth.