Education Taxes: Is The System Working?

We discuss the challenges of the current education funding system and what changes could be made to fix it, hear about author Sarah Stewart (S.S.) Taylor’s new book, The Expeditioners and we learn about the new rules regulating bait fish.

School Financing Law Gets Good Grades

A long awaited report on school financing in Vermont concludes that the current system has been effective in providing equal educational opportunities for students throughout the state. And both supporters and opponents of Act 68 found something to praise about the report.

Fight Brews Over Federal Education Money

Governor Douglas wants to deposit new federal education money directly into Vermont’s teachers’ pension fund. But the state’s teachers oppose that plan. They argue the money should be used to help preserve teaching positions throughout the state.

Addison County Towns To Vote On Unified Union

A group of Addison County towns will vote on Town Meeting Day whether to merge their school boards and possibly save money. Voters considered and killed the idea five years ago. But supporters say, with increasing costs and declining programming, this might be the year to try again.

School Boards, School Budgets

We check in with school board members across the state about the prospects for school budgets at Town Meeting next week.  Also, we learn about New York Governor David Paterson’s re-election campaign, and we read from your letters.