Interview: Lt. Robert Evans on drug crimes

Senator Patrick Leahy is coming to St. Albans Friday to chair a hearing on what law enforcement says is a growing problem-crime related to drug abuse. Lt. Robert Evans is station commander at the St. Albans police barracks and confirms that his department is dealing with a recent an uptick in drug-related crimes.

Rutland Police say city must work together

The two most powerful members of the Senate Judiciary Committee – Patrick Leahy and Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Spector – will be in Rutland on Monday to hear what state and local leaders have to say about the increase in drug related violent crime.    VPR’s Nina Keck has more. 

Crime, water pipes to be discussed in Rutland

At last year’s Town Meeting in Rutland, voters turned out in force for a highly publicized mayoral election that was crowded with candidates and issues. This year, locals expect things to be much quieter. And as VPR’s Nina Keck reports, the city’s most pressing concerns are not on any ballot.