VPR Evening News September 26th 2007

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff was in Vermont to approve “enhanced driver’s licenses”; Bob Kinzel explains what the new enhanced driver’s licenses look like, and how they work; Officials from the Centers for Disease Control hear from Vermonters about chloramine; Behind the scenes at the setup for tonight’s presidential debate at Dartmouth College; and commentator Howard Coffin was surprised by a World War II relic that appeared in the skies over Montpelier.

Homeland Security willing to work on “enhanced” driver’s licenses

Rules that are due to go into effect next year would require anyone entering the United States by land or by sea to present a passport. But most Vermonters don’t have a passport. So, Vermont has been urging the Department of Homeland Security to accept driver’s licenses, instead. And Homeland Security says it’s willing to work with the state to develop “enhanced” licenses.

Midday Newscast: August 21, 2007

Traffic deaths were up sharply in Vermont last year, but the percentage of them tied to drunken driving was down slightly; The Department of Homeland Security has agreed to work with Vermont to develop an enhanced driver’s license that can be used as identification at border crossings; a search is continuing for an 89-year-old woman who went missing while camping with family members in Williamstown; new federal money is helping senior citizens buy fresh fruit and vegetables at local farmers’ markets.senior funding