Midday Newscast: March 3, 2009

Town meetings are getting underway around the state; voters in Essex rejected a local option tax and cut $400,000 from the town’s budget last night; Senator Bill Doyle will be conducting his annual Town Meeting Day survey this year;

Lawmakers look ahead

Each lawmaker brings his or her own perspective to the work of the Legislature, and we talk with two of them with unique backgrounds – 22 year old Rep. Kesha Ram of Burlington, and Sen. Bill Doyle, whose served Washington County for 40 years. Also, how a bill becoems a law, and we learn some of the history of the Statehouse building.

40th Anniversary of the Town Meeting Survey

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Washington County senator Bill Doyle’s Town Meeting Day survey. This year’s survey asks Vermonters how they feel about leasing the lottery, same sex marriage, a four year term for governor and raising the gas tax to fund road and bridge projects.