Spaulding won’t run for governor

Spaulding was among a handful of Democrats who considered getting into the race. But he informed his staff and supporters this morning that he intends to focus on the treasurer’s post.

Catamount enrollment still low

It’s been a little more than a year since Catamount Health began taking applications from uninsured Vermonters. And fewer than 6,500 of the state’s 65,000 uninsured people have enrolled in the state-sponsored insurance program.

Catamount Health, One Year Out

We explore what Catamount Health has (and hasn’t ) accomplished in its first year of operation, and whether it can be made sustainable in the current economic climate. Also, Candy Page talks about endangered species, and we get a lesson on the art of curling.

What Happened to Health Care?

The House and Senate health committees had goals of extending the state’s health care programs to cover more Vermonters who are lacking health insurance, but those plans fell short. We check in with Sen. Doug Racine and Rep. Steve Maier. Also, we visit a program where young single mothers are learning how to make jewelry. And we continue our essay series, My Vermont.

Monthly premiums appear headed up for Catamount health plan

It looks like moderate-income Vermonters on the state-backed Catamount Health program may be facing higher monthly premium payments. The Vermont House had already passed a budget plan calling for an additional $2.5 million to be raised through higher premiums.