Voices in the week’s news: June 12, 2009

Gas prices rose, Vermont Yankee leaked, the Democrats offered an olive branch and Vermont was found to be safe and green. These were some of the voices in the news this week.

Former Governor Howard Dean

Former Governor Howard Dean outlines his solution for the health care crisis. He also reveals why he has recently spoken out against some of the policies of the Douglas Administration.

Will Douglas veto the budget?

Governor Jim Douglas says he won’t have to call lawmakers back to the Statehouse for a special session if Democratic leaders agree to some additional budget cuts in the coming weeks.

Gov. Jim Douglas

Governor Jim Douglas is Bob Kinzel’s guest on the next Vermont Edition to discuss a few top issues in the state this week.

Midday Newscast: March 10 2009

Governor Jim Douglas has taken his message of fiscal austerity in state government to a wider audience; to avoid layoffs, GE Aviation in Rutland is offering more voluntary furloughs to employees; more…