State launches new job training program

State officials are excited about a new job training program that they say could help potential workers and employers. As VPR’s Ross Sneyd reports, people who complete the course will return to the work force with what amounts to a seal of approval.

Economists say layoffs will continue

The state’s unemployment rate held steady last month, but economists say the worst is yet to come. And the unemployment numbers released late last week don’t reflect several major lay offs in Rutland County.

Labor Commissioner says layoffs don’t tell full story

Vermont’s commissioner of labor says layoffs in some pockets of Vermont don’t tell the whole story about the state’s economy.  Patricia Moulton Powden says layoffs like the ones this summer at IBM, or the back-to back plant closures in Brandon are serious. But they’re not as numerous as in 2001 or other recessions the state has seen.