Interview: NPR’s Ron Elving on Vermont and the Democratic presidential nomination

This Tuesday, March 4th, four states, including Vermont, are holding Presidential primaries or caucuses. On the Democratic side, the main focus by the media and the candidates has been on delegate-rich Texas and Ohio. Here to talk about the Democratic race is Ron Elving. Elving is the senior Washington editor for NPR News, where he directs coverage of national politics. He spoke with VPR’s Neal Charnoff.

Field of Democratic Presidential Candidates

We talk with the political analyst Eric Davis of the field of Democratic presidential candidates, and which of them are gaining traction with Vermont politicos and primary voters. Also, reviving the American Chestnut Tree and picking the perfect Jack O’ Lantern pumpkin.

Midday Report: August 10, 2007

After an inspection on Monday, the state has reduced the maximum weight allowed on the Tenney Truss Bridge on Route 15-A in Morrisville; Former Governor Howard Dean brings the inner circle of the Democratic National Committee to Burlington this weekend for a strategy session; Vermont’s new buildings commissioner Gerry Myers says he’ll have a recommendation for the Legislature by this winter about where state offices should be located in Bennington; this week a new class of students began their four years of study at the UVM Medical School, including Alan Frascoia from Barre, who was a granite cutter in the family tradition until he chose medicine over stone; VPR’s Steve Delaney hosts his final Midday Report and begins retirement after 50 years in broadcasting.