House Votes 98-44 to Decriminalize Marijuana

Supporters of decriminalizing – or even legalizing – the possession of small amounts of marijuana have cleared a major hurdle. The Vermont House voted 98-to-44 on Friday to make it a civil offense – instead of a crime – to possess one ounce or less of pot.

Next Steps For Vt. Pot Laws

On election night, Burlington voters registered their support for legalizing marijuana in the city in a non-binding referendum. But leaders at the Statehouse say a more likely course of action is to decriminalize the drug.

Marijuana penalties vary in N.H.

First-time marijuana offenders often are given a break in New Hampshire. The House recently passed a bill to decriminalize a small amount of the drug. The bill isn’t expected to survive the Senate, but if it did, Gov. John Lynch said he’ll veto it.