Debate ahead on campaign finance reform

The House this week is set to debate a new campaign finance reform law. Supporters say the bill will help reduce the influence of money in Vermont campaigns. But opponents argue it will undermine the role of political parties, and that the legislation is unconstitutional.

Catamount Health Plan

After years of political wrangling, Vermont’s answer to covering the uninsured takes another step forward. Beginning Monday, October 1, qualified Vermonters can begin to register for Catamount Health. The state is spending state and federal funds of about $1.4 million to help market the plan. We look at the state’s efforts to reach 65,000 uninsured Vermonters, and we talk about who’s eligible, and how to sign up.

Dartmouth prepares for debate

Early this week a crew of technicians seemed to be moving at time lapse speed as they transformed Dartmouth’s Spaulding Auditorium overnight into a television set.

Live from Dartmouth College

Dartmouth College is humming with activity as students return to class and the Democratic presidential candidates hit the campus. On Wednesday night, students will be scrutinizing the candidates as they debate at the Hopkins Center on campus. Join Vermont Edition for a live broadcast from Dartmouth College, where we talk politics with students and learn how young people are sizing up the presidential race.