FairPoint says customer service is improving

Two and a half months after taking over landline telephone and Internet service from Verizon, Fairpoint Communications says customer service is improving. A deluge of complaints from unhappy customers has prompted state regulators to put the company on notice.  

Southern Loop decision expected soon

The Southern Loop/Coolidge Connector would run 51 miles, parallel to an existing transmission line between Vernon and Cavendish. The $300 million project is supported by Central Vermont Public Service and by VELCO, the company that owns and maintains Vermont’s electric transmission lines.

Douglas administration raises questions about Entergy’s corporate restructuring

The Douglas Administration is raising questions about the financial stability of the new owners of the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant. The administration says the new company will be financially weak because it will have to borrow billions of dollars. But the new questions are prompting critics to ask why the governor vetoed a recent Vermont Yankee bill. The bill would have required the new owners to guarantee it has enough money set aside to decommission the plant.