“Shovel Ready” Transportation Projects

How should Vermont spend its $131 million in federal transportation stimulus money.  We go over the initial list of 30 "shovel ready" projects with VTRANS Secretary David Dill.  Plus, we bring you the latest results from Town Meeting Day, and we read from some of your emails.

Rutland leaders oppose Amtrak service cuts

As part of the state’s budget cutting, the Transportation Agency wants to eliminate passenger rail service between Rutland and Albany, New York. It would be replaced with a bus that would stop in additional Vermont towns.

Experts say it’s time to move away from the gas tax

High gas prices mean the state and federal governments are collecting less money in transportation taxes. The shortfall comes just as Vermont struggles to pay for a backlog of needed road and bridge projects. Some experts say it’s time to look for new revenue sources. VPR’s John Dillon reports.