Dartmouth Students To Launch Balloons For NASA

A group of Dartmouth students is spending the summer preparing balloons that could tell us more about the band of highly charged particles that surrounds the earth. Scientists want to know more about these so-called radiation belts that can make big trouble for spacecraft and satellites passing through them.

Dartmouth Frat Put On Probation For Hazing

Dartmouth College’s judicial panel found Sigma Alpha Epsilon guilty of hazing for expecting pledges in 2009 to participate in activities, including drinking shots of saltwater and swimming in a kiddie pool filled with food.

Dartmouth Charges Fraternity With Hazing

The Dartmouth College newspaper published a letter a month ago detailing a student’s allegations of hazing at the fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Now, 27 members of that fraternity have been charged with violating school policy. The controversy is renewing calls for the end of single sex fraternities on campus.  

How “Green” Is Biomass?

We look into the pros and cons of burning wood for energy, and we discuss a recent study that looked at the long term effects of using biomass. Also we learn why Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center recently canceled an aid trip to Haiti, and we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Hitchcock’s Psycho.