Midday Newscast: January 29, 2009

A lawmaker says the state might have enough money to save a prescription drug subsidy program if it’s willing to crack down on salaries at some nonprofit agencies; a new group in state government has begun looking for ways to help businesses that are struggling in the recession;

Midday Newscast: December 10, 2008

A lawyer and former part-time Family Court judge is losing her law license for three months because marijuana was found in her house; activists say they’re happy that the U.S. Supreme Court has decided not to take up a child custody case between two women;

Court upholds visitation rights in same-sex custody battle

A Vermont woman has won a legal victory in a case that tested whether a ban on same sex unions could affect a child custody dispute. The decision by the U.S. Supreme Court was hailed by gay rights activists. But a lawyer for the Vermont woman says she’s still fighting for the right to see her child.

Va. court hears arguments in lesbian custody case

The Virginia Supreme Court heard conflicting views on whether the state’s ban on gay marriages and civil unions essentially voids a Vermont court’s child visitation order in a dispute between two former lesbian partners.