Middlebury approves Cross Street bridge bond, local option tax

Middlebury approved a $16 million bond for a new downtown bridge yesterday and approved a charter change to allow a local option tax to fund it. The charter change must now go to the Vermont legislature for approval. Town Manager Bill Finger says voters will still get to have a say whether or not they want to implement a local option tax. But Finger says without it the bridge won’t move forward: (Finger) "The whole thing is actually dependent on the local option tax, being voted in by the town voters, so if that funding is not available, then we’d have to drop back and find another source of funding." (Host) Plans for a new village bridge have been in the works since the 1950’s, but funding has been a problem. Recently Middlebury College pledged to pay for a large portion of the project.

Middlebury to vote on new village bridge

Middlebury will be voting on a new village bridge on Town Meeting Day. Voters will weigh in on a $16 million bond for a new span. The bond would be paid off with the proceeds of a local options tax, which is also on the ballot.