Same-sex marriage and civil unions

A new commission has released a report that studies whether equality has been achieved between marriage and civil unions. The commission chair explains the findings, recommendations and next steps for the legal status of same-sex couples in Vermont. Also, President Jack Neuhauser of Saint Michael’s College on the pope’s message to Catholic educators, and summer snack shacks and creemee stands re-open for the season.

Creemee season coming to a close

As summer comes to a close, so too will creemee stands around the state. Though a few places serve the swirls of soft ice cream year round, most operate only during the warm months. Creemees seem to be a Vermont peculiarity, in name at least. You’re not likely to find a creemee stand anywhere but in our state. Producer Sarah Ashworth, recently took a drive through central Vermont looking for the last creemees of the season.