Concerns Over Court Changes

We look into a bill that would overhaul the state’s court system, and hear from those who have major concerns with those proposed changes.  Also, an update on a new victim automated notification system in Vermont.

Cleaning up Vermont’s Brownfields

Vermont is home to hundreds of brownfields, or contaminated land sites. We examine the state’s efforts to clean them up with Brownfields Project Manager Don Einhorn, and Sue Fillion from the Windham Regional Commission. We talk with Candace Page about Earth Day. And we look in on the springtime tradition of helping salamanders cross the road safely.

Funding Vermont’s Courts

Vermont’s court system is facing a $1 million deficit this fiscal year. Chief Justice Paul Reiber says it’s part of a chronic underfunding problem that’s just beginning to impact the court system. We talk with the Chief Justice and the state’s court administrator about why Vermont’s courts are in such bad financial shape, and possible ways to deal with the budget shortfall.