Homeless family puts down roots

VPR News has been following the story of Meghann Cline and her 3 children, who’ve been homeless since last summer. When we last checked in, they had used up their time at a family shelter. Meghann Cline and her family moved into the hotel in January, and that’s where VPR’s Lynne McCrea picks up the story.

Homeless family searches for apartment

Circumstances have left Meghann Cline and her three children homeless. They’ve been living at the COTS shelter for more than three months and time is running out. Success would be: saving enough money for an apartment, finding an apartment that’s affordable, and then getting a landlord to say yes.

Homeless shelters brace for difficult winter

Vermont’s homeless shelters worry that they’ll be confronted by demand this winter that they might not be able to meet. Many are already at or near capacity, so they’ve started to raise money that would pay for overflow space when the weather turns cold. VPR’s Ross Sneyd reports.