My Vermont Project: Health Care Costs

VPR continues the My Vermont series with a special week devoted to challenges and concerns of listeners. Today we ask the question: Why does health care cost so much and what can be done to controll it?

Critics accuse Douglas of double standard on energy projects

When Vermont Yankee’s license expires, the company won’t have enough money in a special fund to dismantle the plant. But the state has required wind energy companies to pay up front the full cost of decommissioning their projects. Wind advocates are saying there’s a double standard here.

Experts say energy costs could remain high next year

The heating season may be winding down, but consumers are still reeling from the high costs of staying warm this winter. The price of a gallon of home heating oil averaged $3.46 in March, almost a dollar more than the year before. As VPR’s Ross Sneyd reports, experts say prices could remain high next winter and this is a good time to plan.

Study: Medicaid cost shift is driving up private insurance premiums

The Legislature is looking at the growing mismatch between how much it costs to provide health care to Medicaid patients, and what the state actually pays. The practice is known as a cost shift because private insurance picks up the difference. A new study says the cost-shift is growing, and it is driving up premiums for private insurance.