Vermonters at the GOP Convention

Walter Freed and Brian Dubie join us from the Republican National Convention in Saint Paul, Minnesota to talk about the national ticket of McCain-Palin, and how Republican candidates in Vermont are approaching the November election.

Gov. Jim Douglas

The GOP convention starts next week, and Vermont’s top Republican office-holder will be in attendance: Governor Jim Douglas. We talk with Douglas about John McCain’s choice for vice president, the prospects for Republican candidates in the November elections.

Midday Newscast: August 28, 2008

A White River Junction company wants to get copies of a new book into the hands of delegates to the Democratic National Convention; Peter Welch says Vermont delegates to the Democratic National Convention will leave united; more…

Bernie Sanders at the Democratic convention

Senator Bernie Sanders is using his role as an independent to gather support for Democrat Barack Obama. Sanders joins us from the Democratic convention in Denver to look at the role of independent voters and Sanders’ own interest in working closely with Democrats.

Midday Newscast: August 25, 2008

Howard Dean will gavel the Democratic National Convention to order later this afternoon; Vermont Democrats will have to choose between two candidates for lt. gov. during the primary on Sept. 9th; efforts are under way to restore Lake Champlain’s population of muskies.

Shaheen to address convention

Former NH Governor and current U.S. Senate candidate Jeanne Shaheen will address the Democratic National Convention in Denver next week.