Attorney General says hemp bill is constitutional

The Attorney General’s office has issued a key Constitutional ruling regarding hemp legislation passed by lawmakers this year. While the decision only affects the hemp bill, it establishes the legal framework to resolve similar constitutional controversies in the future.

Interview: Dan DeWalt, on Brattleboro’s Indictment Resolution

This Tuesday on Town Meeting Day, Brattleboro residents will be voting on a ballot article that has caused some controversy around the country. The resolution calls for the indictment of President George Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney, for what it says are crimes against the U.S. Constitution, such as the sanctioning of torture and illegal wiretapping. One of those involved in getting the indictment resolution placed on the ballot is Dan DeWalt. DeWalt is a Selectman from Newfane who, in 2006, introduced an Impeachment Resolution at Town Meeting. He spoke with VPR’s Neal Charnoff.    

Turnover of School Superintendents

Every year, nearly one-third of Vermont’s 60 school superintendents are new to their jobs. We look at the impact of high turnover rates, and the job’s aging population. Then, we turn to Vermont students making a difference. High school students in Bristol are crafting their own constitution, and Cape Breton fiddle students are hosting a benefit concert for their teacher who has cancer.