Five Hydroelectric Dams On Conn. River Up For Relicensing

It’s not often that members of the public are invited inside a large hydroelectric facility. But that’s what’s happening this fall at five big dams on the Connecticut River. It’s all part of a process of environmental reviews and meetings to help federal regulators decide whether to renew licenses for the dams.

Big Turnout Expected For River Cleanup

More than 1,800 volunteers have registered to head out on foot and by boat next weekend to pick up trash and debris along the Connecticut River and its tributaries in Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Watershed Council: Yankee Discharge Is Too Hot For Fish

An environmental group says a recent study of thermal pollution in the Connecticut River shows that Vermont Yankee has, at times, heated up the water to unacceptable levels. The Connecticut River Watershed Council wants the nuclear plant to change its operations in order to protect migrating fish.

Republican U.S. Senate Debate

Brooke Paige and John MacGovern, Republican candidates for U.S. Senate, debate the issues and State Representative David Deen on what the future holds for a program to re-introduce Atlantic salmon to the Connecticut River watershed. 

Seven Firms Vie To Appraise Dams

Seven firms are competing to appraise the value of eight hydroelectric dams on the Connecticut and Deerfield rivers in Vermont and New Hampshire.

Contest aims to draw people closer to a river

A group of river enthusiasts is trying to draw people closer to a river in an unusual way. As part of a collaboration with Northeast public radio stations, WFCR’s Jill Kaufman reports on a Connecticut River song-writing contest.