Compost Contamination Tests Inconclusive

An investigation into the cause and extent of chemical contamination in Vermont compost has been hampered by conflicting test results. The results have frustrated state and local officials, who had hoped to have more answers by now about what’s caused some commercial compost to damage garden plants.

Source Of Herbicides In Compost Remains Undetermined

The Vermont Agency of Agriculture is trying to determine the source of trace levels of two herbicides found in some compost used by gardeners that has damaged some vegetable plants but is not suspected to be a threat to human health.

Composting bill advances in House

The House has advanced a bill that exempts small composting operations from state land use regulation. But some Republican members say lawmakers should instead address the bigger issue of environmental permit reform.

Maximize your composting and recycling

Get a crash course on what you can and can’t recycle, how to set up a composting system in your backyard, and what role all this plays in reducing our waste. Also, a Vermont reporter in Havana updates us on an Upper Valley youth baseball team that’s visiting Cuba.