Vermont’s Political Left

We’ll explore the depth and breadth of the left side of the state’s political spectrum with former politician Peter Clavelle and Chair of the Democratic Party, Judy Bevans. Also, a conversation with Vermont novelist Castle Freeman, Jr.

Inaugural Addresses

As Governor Douglas prepares to give his fourth inaugural address, we look at the history of the speech itself. Also, we learn about a program that pairs lawmakers with Girl Scouts. And we continue our series on the Vermont Statehousewith a trip to the building’s basement.

A Remembrance of Peter Freyne

Longtime political columnist Peter Freyne died early Wednesday. Freyne was a fixture in Vermont politics for two decades with his "must-read" column that both attracted and annoyed the politicians he wrote about.

The Governor’s Race

As the contest begins to heat up, we’ll look at the issues affecting the race for governor, and talk about how the candidate’s campaigns are shaping up. We’ll also hear from three visiting foreign students about their impressions of Vermont. And we’ll hop aboard a Dragon Boat.