Welch Urges Congress To Pass Campaign Finance Reform

Congressman Peter Welch says it’s critical for Congress to pass a campaign finance reform bill that will regulate this year’s elections. Welch voted for a bill, adopted by the U.S. House, that contains new disclosure requirements for corporations and labor unions.

Campaign Finance Bill Appears To Be Dead

Democratic leaders vowed to pass a bill in response to the U.S. Supreme Court decision that allows corporations and labor unions to spend an unlimited amount of money on a political campaign. But gaining support in an election year has been a challenge.

Campaign finance reform

The Legislature is eager to pass new campaign finance rules in time for the 2008 elections. Bob Kinzel’s guests look at the bill’s prospects. Also in the program, news analysis from VPR’s John Dillon, and we hear from NPR’s Juan Williams. Williams was in Vermont this week to speak to teachers for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

VT Campaign Finance Law

Last month, the United States Supreme Court struck down Vermont’s Campaign Finance Law. Commentator Cheryl Hanna shares her thoughts on what’s next for Vermont’s political landscape.