Climate-controlled cave helps Vermont cheesemakers

Tucked in the hills of Greensboro, Jasper Hill Farm is the picture of serenity. But below ground, it’s become the latest enterprise to boost Vermont’s agriculture industry – a series of climate-controlled caves where cheese can be stored as it ages. VPR’s Amy Noyes recently paid a visit.

Funding Vermont’s Courts

Vermont’s court system is facing a $1 million deficit this fiscal year. Chief Justice Paul Reiber says it’s part of a chronic underfunding problem that’s just beginning to impact the court system. We talk with the Chief Justice and the state’s court administrator about why Vermont’s courts are in such bad financial shape, and possible ways to deal with the budget shortfall.

Cabot Creamery pleads guilty to chemical spill

The Cabot Creamery has agreed to plead guilty to violating the Clean Water Act after an ammonia spill two years ago killed thousands of fish in the Winooski River. The Creamery will pay a $50,000 dollar fine, and another $50,000 to fund environmental projects.